In memoriam

Over the past 30 years we have lost many beloved singers and we dedicate this page and a song of Peace to them.

Nic Cottis (Bass-Totnes GH) May 2021

Serge Jouravlief (Bass-Totnes GH) May 2021

Jo Dew (Alto- Totnes GH) April 2021

Pete Mallard (Bass- Totnes GH) September 2020

Gloria Merit (Soprano- Viva) April 2020

Nicole Townsend (Alto- Totnes GH) April 2020

Valerie Saunders (Soprano-Viva) October 2019

Simon Wynn-Parry (Bass-Totnes GH) December 2019

Fiona Kyte (Tenor-Totnes GH) August 2019

Anneke Osse (Soprano-Exeter GH) June 2019

Kate Hewer (Tenor- Totnes GH) November 2017

Hugh Tubbs (Bass-Totnes GH) May 2016

Norman Young (Bass-Totnes GH) October 2012

Robin Currie (Tenor Exeter GH) October 2016

Suzanne Perks (Soprano-Totnes GH) February 2015

Annie Peacock (Alto-Totnes GH) 2010

Martin Batstone (Bass-Totnes GH) May 2002

Louise Johnson (Soprano-Totnes GH)

Linda Shepherd