In memoriam

In memoriam

Over the past 30 years we have lost many beloved singers and we dedicate this page with fondest memories, love and gratitude to each of them.

Chris Newman (Tenor and Bass- Exeter GH) January 2024

Rachel Montgomery (Tenor-Totnes GH) September 2022

Nic Cottis (Bass-Totnes GH) May 2021

Serge Jouravlief (Bass-Totnes GH) May 2021

Jo Dew (Alto- Totnes GH) April 2021

Pete Mallard (Bass- Totnes GH) September 2020

Gloria Merit (Soprano- Viva) April 2020

Nicole Townsend (Alto- Totnes GH) April 2020

Valerie Saunders (Soprano-Viva) October 2019

Simon Wynn-Parry (Bass-Totnes GH) December 2019

Fiona Kyte (Tenor-Totnes GH) August 2019

Anneke Osse (Soprano-Exeter GH) June 2019

Kate Hewer (Tenor- Totnes GH) November 2017

Hugh Tubbs (Bass-Totnes GH) May 2016

Norman Young (Bass-Totnes GH) October 2012

Robin Currie (Tenor Exeter GH) October 2016

Suzanne Perks (Soprano-Totnes GH) February 2015

Annie Peacock (Alto-Totnes GH) 2010

Martin Batstone (Bass-Totnes GH) May 2002

Louise Johnson (Soprano-Totnes GH)

Linda Shepherd